Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking a technique for users to organize, store, research, and control “bookmarks” of the web pages. Consumers store links to the web pages they want to share, working on a social bookmarking site to save the links.

The theory of social bookmarking can be correlated to individual bookmarks or popular choice lists. Certain networks do not let people like them but add links like them. The social bookmarking could be utilized by anyone, but it usually used for business information from the business, or for business information from the consumer.

If a link is set to be entered into a social bookmarking network,  initially tagged or submitted to the social bookmarking site. It is tagged with three keywords that optimized on the website, and then the details of the website are added. From that point on, it can be searched through keywords on the network.

Social Bookmarking History

The definition of a good social bookmarking start with the history of the concept. This was first thought in April of 1996, with the launch of the very first social bookmark, Since that time, the business began to grow and social bookings became relevant to linking relevant links, bringing traffic and new customers and other social benefits, whose business could benefit.

Social bookmarking a prominent traffic-boosting SEO approach as it’s simple, efficient and popular. Numerous methods on which a website keyword ranking relies on. Such as website content, website structure, on-page optimization, website design, etc. An important part of all these parts is quality backlinks. We can say that there is a quality link building backbone for website ranking in major search engines.

The idea behind social bookmarking is simple: people “bookmarks” do something that they have seen on publicly accessible social websites, others can again see your social bookmarks, can read what you have done and can share. Social bookmarking is a white hat SEO, which you creating and sharing amazing content on the internet, people want to read and share with others!

Social bookmarking help businesses incorporate:

  • Creating the appropriate incoming links
  • Brings visitors
  • Acute indexing
  • Creates new customer or customer
  • Assists people locate business
  • Quality backlinks
  • Traffic generation
  • Assists businesses to search for distinct businesses
  • Personal branding
  • Draws much traffic

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Some Social Bookmarking Websites

There are many websites known as social bookmarking sites or define social bookmarking. These sites kept strictly for listing these links and making them searchable. Some of these websites private and you have to pay to search through them, but free to use someone else, obviously, looking for regular people. Some of these social bookmarking websites are:

How to make social bookmarking

  • Select a site. Each of the most popular social bookmarking sites offers something different. You can mostly decide to trust a site or one of them.
  • Upload bookmarks and links. Special ways of doing this vary from site to site, but you need to cut and paste the link that you want to bookmark on the “Upload” forum on your profile on the site.
  • Link to social media It may be easy for you to add your Facebook or Google+ profile to your social bookmarking site; In this way, you have an easy, easy way to find and keep your interests.
  • Create useful tags. As you upload bookmarks to any of the above sites, be sure to “tag” the link with some keywords that help other users find it. When you think of this link, then what are 2-3 words called? Which search terms did you use to find the link?
  • Download Extension. If you find most of your bookmarks on desktop browsers, be sure to download extensions for these websites. Whenever you see a page that you want to bookmark, click on the extension and easily add it to your profile on the site.
  • Use social bookmarking for search engine optimization. Social bookmarking cannot directly increase the Google rank of your business web site. However, important terms related to your business can be found on Google’s search results when they appear on popular social bookmarking sites, which have a high ranking of Google, such as Reddit, Twitter, and Pinterest.


This is important because most people still use social bookmarking sites and resources which become popular on one that often gets larger, becoming viral because resources remain organized by people and not by search engines. It is also important because of the importance of backlinking.

We have bookmarked web pages on social bookmarking sites as an extraordinary one-way link within the eyes of search engines. Everyone knows that links in the right way help us develop blog visitors and Google web page rank.

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